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Technical Assets


  • LVDC provides premier full-service accounting for the complete wagering process from the race books to the race tracks.

  • LVDC uses state-of-the-art proprietary software to provide the most detailed financial reconciliation and handle reports in the racing industry.

  • LVDC electronically accounts for and processes the settlements of track fees and money room funds to ensure timeliness and accuracy. 

  • LVDC processes the electronic settlements of the track fees and money room funds on a weekly basis, as opposed to race tracks which settle less frequently and other tote companies which do not offer settlement services. 

  • LVDC's detailed billing, which is handled electronically, also breaks out all communication and decoding costs.




Cost Savings
- LVDC provides operational control of wagering activity, technical support, informational services, accounting services, liaison with race track management, and arrangement for live audio-visual services from each race track. A major savings to a location utilizing the LVDC system relates to the elimination of multi-communication lines. A single communication line to our hub system is all that is needed for common-pooling into multi-locations.

Accounting & Reconciliation
- Unlike most tote providers that settle funds on a monthly basis, LVDC provides race track and OTB reconciliations and money room settlements on a weekly basis (with track approval). LVDC utilizes specific software that generates the most detailed financial reconciliation reports in the industry. The company also breaks out all communication and decoder costs between racetracks and OTB/casino locations.

Racing Information Service
- The LVDC hub system transmits real-time racing information over the internet using either the UDP/IP or TCP/IP protocols to client database servers having verified IP addresses. LVDC can provide its client with a database server and software that will convert the information into a database structure for importation directly into a web-based interface. In addition to this real-time data, LVDC can provide twelve months of historical racing information.

Video Simulcasts
- LVDC as a licensed video simulcast company can provide the necessary equipment to its clients to broadcast live racing simulcasts. Further, LVDC has established relationships with third party vendors that can deliver these simulcast in digital streaming video over the internet.

- LVDC has been in existence for 20 years and utilizes a staff of trained and experienced employees to provide complete service to both pari-mutuel and non pari-mutuel locations. The majority of its staff has extensive background experience in both the Nevada gaming and U.S. horse racing industries. Throughout the years, LVDC has developed an excellent business relationship with the management of major racetracks throughout the country. This enables us, in a timely and efficient manner, the ability to solve most problems or answer any questions which may arise.

Collective Common-Pooling -
A race track is capable of servicing a limited number of off-track outlets due to their own system configurations. Each off-track outlet requires a communication port and each race track has a limited number of ports. As off-track common-pooling continues to expand, a race track eventually reaches a point when they must limit the number of off-track outlets. By common-pooling with LVDC, an off-track outlet has the advantage of being able to combine their pool totals with all other outlets on our system onto one communications line to the race track.

Emergencies -
When common-pooling from associations into multi-locations, emergencies will occur. LVDC has trained personnel who practice emergency simulations on a frequent basis. Each employee is capable of providing the necessary information to a race track in order to manually merge pool information in a timely manner. In the case of a communication line failure, the larger pari-mutuel pool total assures a greater chance a race track will delay a race result to receive the data. An individual off-track outlet producing smaller pool totals probably will not warrant delays.


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