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Race Information Service


LVDC transmits to its clients "overnight" entry sheets two days in advance of a scheduled racing performance. The entry sheets include the following information:

  • Identification of track and number of scheduled races

  • Running distances of each race

  • Indicates which racing surfaces (main track, turf course, etc.) each race will be contested over

  • Conditions of race

  • Total number of horses scheduled to compete

  • Names of jockeys or drivers

On the day prior to the scheduled racing performance, the "overnight" entry sheets are updated and retransmitted with the following information:

  • Morning line odds

  • Saddle cloth numbers

  • Post positions



On the day of the scheduled racing performance, a final entry sheet is transmitted. This includes updated information about:

  • Late scratches

  • Jockey or driver changes

  • Any wagering format changes

Throughout the racing day LVDC, via its communication system, transmits to our clients all current racing related information which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Additional late scratches, jockey or driver changes

  • Changes in track or weather conditions

  • Any last minute changes in the track wagering format

  • Pick 6 and Pick 9 carry-over information

  • Satellite and transponder information relating to the transmission of a track's audio/visual signal

  • Daily recaps by track

  • Race results and mutuel prices

In order to assist our clients in regards to the scheduling of personnel and promotional activities, LVDC supplies racing information for each racetrack prior to the beginning of its meet. This information includes such items as: racing dates, post times, dark days, special racing days, projected wagering formats, and satellite and transponder information.

Throughout the years, LVDC has developed an excellent business relationship with the management of major racetracks throughout the country. This enables us, in a timely and efficient manner, the ability to solve most problems or answer any questions which may arise.

LVDC, in conjunction with these services, also maintains a video tape library of races at tracks which LVDC is contracted with to provide their live broadcasts. Upon request by a client, LVDC can review a particular race or group of races to verify any information or answer any questions.

In addition to the services listed, LVDC is usually able to quickly resolve any data communications problems with the various telephone companies should the need arise. We also have established a "911" Hotline which allows all of our clients direct access to our Racewire Information Center. This feature enables a client to speak directly with a member of our staff to answer any questions or resolve any problems which may develop.


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